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My name is Francine Pitman and together with husband Stuart, we are the proud owners of Just Add Flowers.

I completed my floristry apprenticeship in the mid eighties and have been involved in the profession ever since. Although it wasn't until 2005 when we aquired Just Add Flowers that we realized our ambition to run our own business. My role is very much hands-on at the front end of the shop, whereas Stuart with a background in business management handles the finance and administration aspects. We are supported by Julie and Carole both of whom share our commitment to acheive the highest standards of floristry and customer service.

At this point most web-sites talk about their goals, achievements, mission statements etc. However when we started receiving and reading our customer testimonials we realized that they contained all the things we wanted to say and were hoping  to achieve (not to say that there is always room for improvement). We are very moved and thank them all for their kind words and look forward to serving old and new customers alike for many years to come.

Francine & Stuart